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Embedded videos on your page can cause significant page load delays due to the scripts required for the video player.

Third-party resources such as video players can now be loaded with a “facade” using the options inside OptimizePress. This means we load a static element that looks like the video player, but the video player files are not loaded until the element is clicked (e.g. your visitor clicks play on the video).

This can mean a slight delay in the load speed of the video, but there is a significant benefit in page load speed and page scoring as a result.

Supported video hosting platforms

Currently this feature supports the following :

  • YouTube
  • Vimeo

You must be using the specific option in our video player element for those services in order for the Video Facade option to work correctly (this is where you enter the URL of your video from those services in the specific Vimeo or YouTube field).

Important note if you enable video facade

If you enable the video facade feature – we highly recommend setting an overlay image/placeholder for your video.  We have found sometimes we are not able to get a placeholder/thumbnail image from the Vimeo or YouTube which can lead to a blank/black box where your video is.  

If you set an overlay image – this will always be loaded and you can add a play icon to boost interaction with your video.

Updated on November 28, 2022

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