What Membership Plugins Work with OptimizePress

If you are building a membership site and do not wish to use OptimizeMentor plugin (our new Membership plugin), you may use one of several other membership plugin integrations that we offer with our Checkouts plugin.

You can use just about any membership plugin you want, because you can build the pages with OptimizePress, and then protect the pages with your membership plugin of choice as we do not limit or block any plugins from being used. 

While we can not guarantee that every plugin available in WordPress will work perfectly with OptimizePress, we have a very knowledgeable support and development team that would be happy to look into any issues. If we can solve it on our end we’ll patch it. Or at least let you know if the 3rd party plugin needs to be patched, which would be the responsibility of the plugin/theme developer who created it. 

OptimizePress Checkouts – Membership Plugin Integrations:

If you have the OptimizePress Suite account, you’ll be happy to know that we directly integrate with the following membership plugins:

Direct integrations are possible by editing a product in OptimizeCheckouts, and adding an “Integration Rule” which will add the buyer to a membership.
The membership plugins will need to be installed on the same site as you have OptimizeCheckouts installed in order for the integration to work. 

Other membership plugins you can easily use with OptimizePress Checkouts:

You can also use the following membership plugins with OptimizeCheckouts as well. While we do not have a direct integration with these plugins, adding buyers to the membership is possible through the CRM that the membership plugin is tied to. Usually this would involve adding an integration rule to the product in OptimizeCheckouts plugin that adds a tag to the contact in the related CRM.

  • ActiveMember360 – https://activemember360.com/ – This membership plugin directly integrates with the ActiveCampaign email marketing software from activecampaign.com. You would simply add a tag to the contact in ActiveCampaign to add the buyer to your membership.
  • Memberium for ActiveCampaign – https://memberium.com/activecampaign/ – This plugin works similar to ActiveMember360, but has some different features.
  • Memberium – https://memberium.com/ – This membership plugin integrates deeply with Keap (Infusionsoft) and also uses tags to add contacts to the membership. Just add an integration rule for Keap/infusionsoft and select your membership tag and then your buyer will be added to the list.
  • iMember360 – https://imember360.com/ – This plugins works similar to Memberium but has some different features. 

Using Zapier or Webhooks integration:

You can also send the buyer’s name and email fields to Zapier, or through Webhook to add a buyer to other membership plugins or platforms. 

  • For Zapier, you would just use the “webhooks by zapier” app using the “catch hook” option, and put the URL in the integration rule for Zapier. 
  • For Webhooks, you’ll need to consult your developer or 3rd party plugin/app developer to help you create a PHP script to capture the data from the webhook. Some apps and plugins would automatically generate this URL for you that you would need to use, and then it will automatically handle the data.

With all of these options you are sure to find a Membership Plugin or App to integrate with through our Checkouts plugin.

If you have any questions or need further guidance please reach out to our support team and we’ll be happy to help.

Updated on June 21, 2023

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