2 Panel Switcher Element

The 2 Panel Switcher element is a great element to give your site visitors more options. A great example is using a pricing table. If you want to offer monthly or annual, or maybe user or agency plans, then you can use the switcher element to accomplish this. 

You’ll likely to have seen similar elements on some pricing pages you’ve visited in the past, as this is the most common implementation of this kind of feature.
Here’s an example of a pricing page with a 2 Panel Switcher element to allow a visitor to switch between Monthly and Yearly pricing:

You can use the 2 Panel Switcher element for any of these reasons: 

  • Show different optin form in case you have different offers
  • Show different content
  • Show different pricing tables (like the sample above). 
  • Show different product information
  • Show different checkout pages (for different pricing plans)

The possibilities are endless what you can do with this element.

You would just simply add elements into the 2 Panel Swither – just click the switcher and the panel will change so you can edit each panel individually. For pricing tables we recommend using our pricing sections, adding them to the page, and just drag the row with the pricing table into the panel you want to use it in. 

You can also customize the design:

If you have any questions on how to use or troubleshoot this element please reach out to our support team for further help.

Updated on October 5, 2023

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