Trust Badge Element

Trust badges are a great way to build trust with your visitors to get better conversions. Watch the video, or read the guide below below to learn how to add and configure the trust badges to your pages.

To add the Trust Badge Element to your page, simply click the “+” icon or the “+Elements” in the top left corner of the editor.

This will open the element sidebar where you can choose the element. Just start typing in the search field and you’ll see the element

Simply drag the element to where you want to put it and drop it in

Then just pick a design from the design sidebar.

The Inline Element Toolbar will allow further customization of the Trust Badge. 

The magic wand icon will open up the design sidebar as well in case you change your mind and want to pick a different design

To change the color of the Trust Badge, just click the paint/color icon to open the color pallet

You can also change the size and rotation of the Trust Badge element by clicking the ruler icon. Giving a little slant with the rotation setting can make the element stand out a bit. 

You may align the Trust Badge using the alignment icon. Currently left, center, right, and justify are available. This alignment will align the trust badge within the element space (within the area inside the blue line).

You can see here in this gif how it works. 

You can reposition the element by using the cross arrows icon. Just drag the element where you want and drop it in.

If you want to clone the Trust Badge, you can do that by clicking the clone icon

Or if the element needs to be removed you can do that also (Can you really have too many Trust Badges htough?). 

You can adjust the space above/below the element, as well as Max Width and overall element alignment by opening up the settings.

The overall element alignment will align the element (within the blue border) within the column it is placed within. If the column is wider than the element, then you will be able to use this setting.

You can also open up the Advanced Options sidebar as well by clicking the blue “Advanced Options” sidebar. This will allow you to edit the Margin and Padding, Responsive Options, Animation & Delay, as well as other advanced options. 

If you have any questions about using the Trust Badge element, just reach out to our support team and they’ll be happy to help.

Updated on October 5, 2023

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