What happens if I cancel my OptimizePress subscription?

All OptimizePress plans are subscription based - this means your account renews yearly (or at a different interval depending on your plan).

Your OptimizePress subscription covers you for support, updates and certain features of OptimizePress.  If you cancel your subscription, your existing OptimizePress sites *should* continue to work.  However, due to regular changes in the WordPress environment - we cannot guarantee that current versions of OptimizePress will work with future WordPress versions - and incompatibilities or issues may.  We make no guarantees of future functionality if you do not have an active license. 

If you cancel your subscription - you lose the following benefits (after your subscription expires):

  • Ability to license new sites with OptimizePress tools
  • Access to our cloud template library (including access to "Create New Page" screen)
  • Access to our cloud sections library
  • Access to any templates saved in your personal cloud
  • Access to downloads inside our members hub
  • Access to automatic updates via Wordpress
  • Access to support from our team

If you wish to reactivate your subscription, we will show options available inside the members hub.  Please bear in mind that refunded accounts may not show this option.

After your account expiry date, any reactivations would be charged as new accounts (pricing as per Optimizepress.com).  We do not honour legacy pricing on cancelled or delinquent susbcriptions.

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