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Adding all OptimizePress abilities to other user roles


This tutorial is helpful if you want to limit the access and capabilities of your contractor to your site.

Please read the warning at the bottom of this page before taking any action as we can not help if you make any changes in user role editor plugin if it breaks anything.

Please follow these steps below:

1. Install then activate the plugin “User Role Editor”.


2. Go to Users >> User Role Editor.

3. On the “Select Role and change its capabilities”, choose the user role from the dropdown.

4. Add edit_theme_options as well as “manage_options” to it’s capabilities by checking the box then click update.

5. Confirm the settings by clicking Yes.

Once you save these options then the “Editor” user role should be able to edit pages in OptimizePress as well as access all the OptimizePress admin menus and functions. 


Please be advised that we do not suggest doing this unless you really know what you are doing and understand the security risks of providing this level of access to Editor role and that they can access all abilities and functions of OptimizePress (including the ability to delete funnels, change settings, or do other things).

If you trust someone enough to give them this access then we would suggest just adding them as an Admin user on your site instead of messing with user roles as we will not be responsible for any mistakes made that could lead to issues with your site by following this guide and you should only do so if you have the advanced knowledge to repair any damage from mistakes you may make while using the user role editor plugin as we would not be able to help. We suggest taking a full backup of your site first.

Also, we may look into adding user access controls in a future update, but that would require major reworking of some back end processes in order to make that work. 

Updated on November 28, 2022

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