How to Prefill fields on an OP3 optin form

This article will guide you through how to use URL parameters to pre-fill optin form fields, through the use of our free add-on plugin, OP-Get-Params

Caution: This article deals with advanced features/functions of OptimizePress which may require knowledge of coding / HTML or web development. Please contact your web developer for assistance with this.

Download & Install the Get Params Shortcode plugin

Here's the download link to save the zip file for this plugin to your computer

The plugin should be installed via Plugins > Add New - and upload the plugin Zip to your website

How to use the plugin with the optin form fields

The Get Parameters plugin uses a shortcode to grab a parameter from the URL of the page, and will display that parameter wherever you use the shortcode. In this case, we'll be using the shortcode within the optin form element to prefill a Name and Email. 

1) We'll be using the following shortcodes:

[op_get_param param='first_name']

[op_get_param param='email']

2) We'll place these shortcodes in the optin form element by clicking on the field you want to use the shortcode for, and going to "input" to paste the shortcode into the default value as you see here: 

3) After you put in the parameter for the name field, just repeat the process for the email field using the 2nd shortcode above.

4) You can repeat the process for any additional fields you want to create. You can use this on hidden fields as well, but you'll need to make those visible so you can edit them, and then make them hidden.

5) Very important step. To make sure that this will work, you MUST go into the form integrations area and turn on the auto fill form fields like you see in this series of images.

Click on the integrations settings icon as you see below:

Then click "Edit Integration"

Now go to the "Post Action" step and turn on the "Auto Fill Form Fields" option:

Note that you will only see Funnel page options there if you are editing a funnel. 
This will also work fine on pages that are not in a funnel, but you won't see funnel page options in the optin form integration wizard like you see in the screenshot above.

How to construct the URL

Now that we have the optin form setup. Here is how you setup the URL.

Firstly, when you have parameters in a URL, you must begin with using a "?" and then place the parameter like this:

Now when you addon a 2nd parameter, and for any additional parameters, you separate them with the "&" symbol like this:[email protected]

It does not matter what order the parameters are in, only the first one in the URL needs the "?"

Now here you can see the final result: 

I hope this guide helps however we know it can sometimes be a challenge. If it doesn't work, simply reach out to support and we'll be glad to help you with it.