Sendinblue Integration

Our Sendinblue integration allows you to pass subscribers from your OptimizePress opt-in forms to your Sendinblue account.

Follow these steps to complete your integration

1. Go to Sendinblue and login to your account

2. Once inside your account, click your company name in the top right to open the dropdown, and select SMTP & API

3. On the API screen, you need to generate a new API key.  Click the blue “Create A New API Key” button

4. You need to give your new API key a name.  You can call this whatever you want.  If you have multiple sites you might wish to create a different API key for each site, so you might use your site name – but it does not matter.  In my example I called it “myAPIkey”

Once you have entered your API key name, click “Generate”

5. You have now generated your API key.  You now need to click inside the API Key field to select your API key and use CMD+C or CNTRL+C on your keyboard to copy the key.  Alternatively right click on the field when the key is highlighted and click copy

6. Go back to your OptimizePress site, go to the OptimizePress Dashboard > Integrations screen and find click “Add new integration” and find the Sendinblue field.  Add your API key in the Sendinblue field:

6. Once connected, you should see a green alert in the bottom right

7. To use your integration with Sendinblue, open an opt-in form in the OptimizePress Builder and select Sendinblue from the integrations list when connecting your opt-in form

Updated on November 28, 2022

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