ActiveCampaign Double Optin Usage

If you want to use double optin for ActiveCampaign, there are a few things you need to know.

First, to setup the double optin you’ll need to crate a form under “Sites > Forms” in ActiveCampaign.
Make sure that you have turned on the confirmation.
Then grab the form ID at the end of the URL in address bar (the last part containing only numbers is your form ID)

You’ll take the form ID and enter it in your optin form settings like you see here:

Once you have that, then all the optin form submissions from this form will be double optin.


Please note that the way ActiveCampaign shows you this information can be a bit confusing.

When contact is added as double optin, they will show a “subscribed to list” activity, but the list name does not have the green checkmark that would be there if they were a confirmed subscriber. Here is how an unconfirmed contact looks:

Now after the contact clicks the link in their confirmation email, you’ll see another “subscribed to list” in the activity feed, but the list name now has the green checkmark next to it to indicate the contact is confirmed. You can see here how a confirmed subscriber looks (notice the green checkmark):

If you need further help with ActiveCampaign, please reach out to the support team and they’ll be happy to guide you further.

Updated on November 28, 2022

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