Cancel OptimizePress Subscription

We're sorry to hear you wish to cancel the automatic renewal of OptimizePress.  

We do understand this is sometimes necessary - just be aware that if you cancel your existing renewal you may not be eligible for promotional pricing in the future once your account expires (we just make you aware of this so you don't miss out on special pricing)

To cancel your renewal you can go to the new members hub at

Follow these steps:

1. Once you have logged in, please click your name on the top right of the screen

2. You will now see a dropdown menu - from this menu Select "Plans & Billing"

3. This page has a section at the bottom where you can click to cancel your subscription renewal

4. You will be presented with an additional step to cancel your subscription advising of the benefits you may lose when you cancel

Once you have proceeded through the process (if you still wish to) you will know it is complete once you see a message that your subscription was cancelled. To confirm this if you check back on your plans & billing page you should see when your plan will expire and an option to reactivate it if that is still available

Please be aware this process will not action a refund of your purchase - this cancels any ongoing charges so you're not billed again.

If you are paying via Paypal, please contact our team as we will need to manually cancel your subscription

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