Optin form will not pass data to integrated service

If you have setup your integration correctly and the optin forms are submitting without any errors, but you find that the contact information is not being added to your email marketing service or list, please check under "OptimizePress3 > settings > Recaptcha" - If you have any Recaptcha keys there, save them to a note and then remove them. Clear the site cache, and then see if the forms are submitting data.

If the forms work after removing the Recaptcha keys, then it is most likely that the Recaptcha keys are not valid for some reason. Please login to Google Recaptcha and generate a new set of keys, or make sure that your domain is properly listed as an authorized domain for that service. 

We often find that either wrong Recaptcha keys are used, or the wrong version of Recaptcha is used. We only integrate with the Recaptcha version 3 so you'll want to ensure that is the version you are using. 

If you still have some issues with the option forms please reach out to our support team or check our other guides in this section as well. 

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