Optin form spam submissions

If you are getting spam signups on your forms, we would suggest using the OptimizePress 3 Google Recaptcha integration.

Please check our guide here for how to setup the Recpatcha integration: https://docs.optimizepress.com/article/2039-google-recaptcha-integration

If you still see some spam signups, there are a couple more things to check.

  • If you use a template that has a pop-overlay element, those are initially setup with the “email data” option. If you leave those unconfigured but are still using the page without using the overlay, those forms can still load in the HTML of your page and be open for spam bots to see and use. So if you are getting emails from your site regarding optins then this could be the case. You should delete any unused or unconfigured optin forms from your pages to avoid this
  • You should also check that you don’t have any published pages with unconfigured optin forms. Some pages we understand can be built and setup, but perhaps not used. It would be best to set those pages to “draft” so they are not found by spam bots or by legitimate visitors who may submit the form not knowing it is not a real form.

If you still have some issues and can not find a solution please reach out to our support team and we’ll do our best to help further.

Updated on November 28, 2022

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