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OptimizeCheckouts integration with Wishlist Member plugin

WishList Member is one of the more popular premium WordPress Membership plugins and has been around for a very long time. We highly recommend considering this plugin if you require something more advanced than the plugins we have premium training available for.

While we are building our own membership plugin, we know that some specific use cases would require something which has more features that fit their exact needs. We believe WishList member is one of the better premium plugins available, and we have always supported their plugin in OptimizePress since our original version 1.

While you are not required to use the OptimizeCheckouts plugin in order to use Wishlist Member, the features available in our funnel builder and checkouts plugins will offer you the ability to create sales funnels for your membership products and help you get better conversions and more sales revenue.

Our membership integrations in the OptimizeCheckouts plugin do not require you to configure any payment gateways, carts, or email templates outside of OptimizeCheckouts as our system handles those for you (you can edit the email templates). 

Requirements to use the WishList Member integration: 

  • You should be using the latest WishList Member version, but this should work fine as long as you are using WishList version 3 or higher. 
  • You’ll need to ensure that WishList Member is installed on the same site where you’ll be using the OptimizeCheckouts plugin
  • You must have setup WishList Member and have at least one membership level created

Kevin, our head of support, has created a short (less than 8 minutes) video to explain how to use the integration rules in your product settings in OptimizeCheckouts to setup this integration. He also shows how to edit the emails. We recommend watching this video in full screen view.

Note: You can add multiple integration rules, so if you want to also integrate with your email marketing service, you may simply add another integration rule to do that. While there are not any limits to the number of integration rules, please consider that each rule would require processing time on your hosting server, so we do recommend only a few of these if you are on shared hosting to ensure that your hosting server will not timeout during the order processing. 

How the process works for your members when they purchase: 

  1. Member purchases on your checkout form
  2. If you have any upsell offers they’ll see those
  3. After payment is processed your customer will get 3 emails, including the username and password. Other emails include order confirmation and invoice (receipt). 
  4. WishList Member still controls other aspects such as the page they land on when they login, and the page restrictions. Our integration only handles the payments and adding the user to your site.
  5. If an existing member purchases another membership product, the new level(s) from the new purchase will be added to their existing account so long as they use the same email address during the checkout as they have on file for their existing membership.

At the time this video and article were created, OptimizeCheckouts accepts one time payments with Stripe. We are working on adding subscriptions as well as Paypal in the coming months. 

If you should have any questions about this integration or need any help, please reach out to our support team and they will be happy to help.

Updated on November 28, 2022

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