Images Not Showing / Disappeared

If you have recently found your images have disappeared or are not showing on your OptimizePress pages, please follow the steps in this article

Most of the time, the issue with images missing is due to an external plugin conflicting or a setting stopping your images from showing

This is most likely caused by a plugin which adds Lazy Load features (this means your images load as you scroll down the page

Please check your site for any plugins which have Lazy loading features – and ensure that those plugins are enabled inside your editor pages

You can do this by following these steps (Steps shown are for the Smush plugin but would apply to other lazy load plugins);

1. Go to OptimizePress3 in the sidebar

2. Click Settings

3. Click Scripts & Styles in the OptimizePress Settings screen (from here you can control the features enabled on your OptimizePress pages from external plugins and themes)

4. Check the boxes next to the plugin which has lazy load features to enable these on your editor pages/posts

Image 2020-05-26 at 12.38.32 pm

Affected plugins

These plugins are known to cause images to disappear when enabled (without the above setting)

  • Smush (enable the settings as above to fix this)
  • Jetpack (includes image performance enhancements – just enable Jetpack in the Styles & Scripts and images will show)

Updated on November 28, 2022

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