Making Test Purchases with Stripe

Testing your purchase processes before putting your products live for sale is very important

This ensures you can see the checkout process as your buyer will experience it, to review all the copy and pages your buyer will see and test for any problems with the process

The main things to check when testing your checkout process:

  • Check the copy/wording is correct on each page
  • Ensure that any downloads are provided on thank you pages that you have setup (you’ll need to use the Checkout File Downloads elemnent for this on your thank you page)
  • Test the emails that a buyer is sent after purchase to ensure these have the information you want on them
  • Test any email marketing software or autoresponder integrations are working correctly (e.g. your buyer was added to your list or tagged in your CRM)

How to test your checkout

With OptimizeCheckouts, you can switch individual products into test mode so you do not have to affect the other products on your site which may already be Live and for sale.

Before proceeding – ensure that you have already connected Stripe in Test mode and completed the Webhook connection for Stripe test mode.  You can view our documentation on this here.

When you’re ready to continue – go to the product you wish to test, and click “Payment Gateways” on the left side product menu:

You’ll need to select Test from the dropdown and click Save

Your product will now be in test mode ready for testing

You will now need to test your checkout for the product you’ve set to test mode.  You can use the following card number to test your checkout:

Card Number: 4242 4242 4242 4242
Expiry: Anything in the future e.g. 01/25
CVC: Anything e.g. 111

If you wish to test other checkout notices or error messages, you can find other testing information on the Stripe testing documentation

Once you have completed testing – you can change your product dropdown to Live – for the product to be ready for sale. After this time, any purchases made will be charged to the credit cards used as real purchases.

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Updated on March 20, 2023

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