Integrate Stripe Payment Gateway

This guide will show you how to integrate with the Stripe payment gateway/merchant processor for accepting credit card payments on your OptimizePress/OptimizeCheckout forms

Please note: In order to use Stripe in LIVE mode, you will need to ensure your site has a valid and active SSL certificate.  If you need help with this, please contact your hosting company.  Most hosting providers now include a free SSL certificate option if you do not have specific requirements.

You'll also need a Stripe account to complete the integration process.  

Connecting Test & Live Modes

The first step in using Stripe is to connect OptimizeCheckouts to Stripe in test and live modes.  This allows you to effectively test your checkout processes before going live with your products. We recommend testing all products in test mode (to ensure emails and any logins are delivered) before activating the product in live mode.

We recommend connecting Stripe Test mode first (don't worry you can have both modes connected at the same time).  The process is pretty much the same for Test mode and Live mode...

Connecting Test Mode

We'll walk you through connecting Test mode first.  

First, click "Connect Stripe in Test Mode" from the Payment Gateways dashboard (see screenshot above).   You'll be asked to login to Stripe, and then you'll see a screen like this:

On this screen, you can choose which Stripe account you wish to use with OptimizeCheckouts (if you have more than one) and you can then click "Connect my Stripe account". 

Stripe is now connected in Test mode.  Please ensure you also complete the Stripe Webhook setup before you test your products with sample purchase information provided by Stripe.  See our Making Test Purchases documentation when you're ready.

Connecting Live Mode

When you've tested your products and you're happy that you're ready to start selling to real customers, you need to ensure your Stripe account is connected in LIVE mode.  This means that any payments made on your website will actually be charged to your customers credit cards.

The first step is to click "Connect Stripe in Live Mode" from the Payment Gateways screen.  You'll be asked to login to Stripe (if you're not already) and then you'll be presented with a screen that looks like this (notice no black and yellow bar this time):

Once your connection is established, you'll be taken back to the Payment Gateways screen inside OptimizeCheckouts and you should see your Stripe Connected in Live Mode confirmation (green button):

Your Stripe account is now connected to OptimizeCheckouts.  You'll now need to ensure that your OptmizeCheckout Webhook is added inside your Stripe account to fully connect your site before accepting any payments.

Setting Stripe Webhooks

To use OptimizePress with Stripe, you must add webhooks inside your Stripe account for TEST and LIVE mode connections. 

This will enable secure communication between OptimizeCheckouts and Stripe.  Follow the steps below to connect Stripe and OptimizeCheckouts.  

1. To connect your Stripe account in TEST mode, go to the Stripe Dashboard (Login may be required).  Click “Developers” on the left side menu, and select “ Webhooks”.

To connect your Stripe account in LIVE mode, go to the Stripe Test Data Dashboard (Login may be required).  Click “Developers” on the left side menu, and select “ Webhooks”.  

2. On the web hooks page (for TEST and LIVE modes) click “Add endpoint” in the top right of the page.

3. Enter your Endpoint URL in the field at the top of the popup box.  You can find the TEST and LIVE Endpoints on your OptimizeCheckouts Payment Gateways screen.

4. Find the “Events to send” section and inside the large box, click “receive all events” blue link.  Next click “Add endpoint”.  Ensure this process is completed on the TEST and LIVE dashboards if you wish to connect both connection types.

5. On the next screen, you should see your Webhook Endpoint information. Scroll to the “Signing Secret” section and click “Click to reveal” to see your signing secret key.  Copy this value and paste it in the relevant field below.  Click Update once you have entered the key to complete the connection.

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