OptimizeCheckouts Roadmap

Welcome to the OptimizeCheckouts Roadmap

This article will outline our upcoming plans for OptimizeCheckouts, so you can plan your implementation of our Checkouts solution for your business. All timescales below are based on when we released OptimizeCheckouts which was on April 15th, 2020.

These are just estimates and development can, and will sometimes take longer than expected. We'll do our best to keep this page updated as often as possible.

Payment Gateways/Processors

  • Stripe [at Launch]
    • We are launching with full support for the Stripe payment gateway.  Stripe is an internationally recognized payment gateway/processor that is available directly in 36 countries (you can accept payments from anywhere in the world).  If Stripe isn't available directly in your country - you can signup via Atlas for their international service
  • Paypal
    • We plan to add support for Paypal however this is taking longer an expected. We will update this page when we get closer to the launch of this feature. At this time we can not provide an exact timescale but we do believe this should be coming around June/July 2021
  • Other Gateways
    • We may consider adding other payment gateways/processors in the future, but we have no other gateway services currently planned for integration.  We will consider new integrations based on the demand for such integrations as well as other factors such as development time required for build and maintenance, as well as developer documentation.

Please note we will not impose any charges on use of our payment gateways through OptimizeCheckouts. You will be charged a fee directly by Stripe/Paypal for using their service, usually a percentage of the sale between.  Please refer to the website of the service you are using for their fees in your country.

Payment Types & Features

  • One-Time payments [at launch]:
    • At launch, OptimizeCheckouts will support one-time payments via Stripe.  
  • Order Bumps [RELEASED June 4th 2020 in OP Checkouts version 1.0.1]:
    • Order bumps allow your buyer to add an additional product to their order on the checkout form (a bit like an instant upsell).  This feature is in development and will be available within 4-8 weeks of launch
  • One-Click Upsells [RELEASED August 3rd 2020 in OP Checkouts version 1.0.4]:
    • We recognize the demand for an easy way to create one-click upsells inside WordPress/OptimizeCheckouts.  This feature is in development and will be added within 6 weeks of platform launch, subject to testing.  This feature will allow you to charge customers for an additional purchase/product or series of products after their initial purchase without requiring re-entry of their credit card information.  This feature will also be integrated with our OptimizeFunnels product.
  • Subscriptions & Recurring Payments [February/March 2021]
    • We're working hard to add subscriptions and recurring payment support (via Stripe) to OptimizeCheckouts. Development is ongoing, however this is taking a little longer than expected due to other platform updates currently in development alongside this feature. This will be released as soon as possible but we can not provide an exact timescale currently, however this will be released before our Paypal Integration.

If you have more questions about specific features you're looking for in OptimizeCheckouts, please reach out to our support team and we'll be happy to help you further