Can I clone an entire funnel?

We do not yet include a feature which allows cloning entire funnels. Although this is something we do plan to look into the possibility of including in a future update, we are not able to provide a timescale for when we may start development for this. 

Current Workaround: 
For now, while you are in the editor for one funnel, you could save that page as a template to the template cloud and just use that when you build a funnel and choose the "create funnel from scratch" option. Then, after you name your funnel you'll see the template library. Just expand the categories and choose "my templates" and you should see your templates that you saved to the template cloud. You can do that when adding new funnel steps as well.
That is kind of a long way around cloning a funnel, but it wouldn't clone the funnel settings (such as any scripts you added to the entire funnel).
Here are some guides on using the template cloud features in case you haven't seen those:

If you have any questions please let us know.