How to Install and Activate OptimizeFunnels

To install OptimizeFunnels, simply login to your WordPress Dashboard and navigate to “OptimizePress3” and you’ll then see the OptimizePress Dashboard. You should see “OptimizeFunnels” available to install: 

Next, click the blue “install” button below the OptimizeFunnels plugin.

Once the page refreshes you’ll see the blue button will change from “install” to “Activate” 
Click the blue “Activate” button to activate the OptimizeFunnels plugin.

Now you’ll see a new link on the left admin menu in the WordPress Dashboard called “OptimizeFunnels”
You can click there to being using OptimizeFunnels

That’s all there is to it! Reach out to our support team if you have any trouble getting OptimizeFunnels installed and we’ll be happy to help.

Updated on November 28, 2022

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