What is OptimizeFunnels?

OptimizeFunnels is a premium plugin available only to OptimizePress Suite customers which makes building marketing, list building, and sales funnels very easy. You can quickly select a group of templates, add your own content, images, and copy, and then publish your new funnel. OptimizeFunnels also provides a clean, easy to use interface to help keep your funnels and funnel pages organized without the need to search through a lot of pages to find the right ones to edit.

Some features of OptimizeFunnels include:

  • Easily preview and select a collection of pages to use for your new funnel
  • Multiple niche options to choose from which have different color schemes and images for the same template collection. 
    This makes it very easy to get started with building a new funnel without mismatching page designs.
  • All funnel page templates are highly optimized for performance
  • Optimize Checkouts will allow you to take payments for your sales funnels and deliver digital downloads. (COMING SOON)
  • Statistics to show you how your funnel is performing (COMING SOON)
  • More features will be added on a regular basis

If you have any questions about OptimizeFunnels, please reach out to our support team and we'll be happy to help.