Unable to change typography on text

If you are unable to change the typography or font of your text on your OptimizePress Lightlighting Builder pages, this is usually because the text has been copied from another source and has some external formatting applied

This can happy if you copy text from another web page or website, or if you copy text from an external document (such as Word, Pages or a PDF).

All of these applications can add formatting which is imported when you copy and paste the text, and added inline.  This formatting can be very hard to remove

We have created our editor to try and strip out some of this formatting, however this isn’t always 100% effective

Using inline options to remove formatting

If you are still unable to adjust a font or font size after pasting text in the editor, try these steps:

1. Use the remove formatting option within our inline settings:

Highlight the text that you are unable to format with our typography options – and you will see the inline text editor bar appear

Click the remove formatting option from the end of the menu and this will attempt to strip out any external formatting:

If you have copied over content which also has formatting tags such as h1, h2 etc, you can also try setting the text to use the paragraph formatting from the inline formatting menu:

If this still does not work

If this still does not work, you would be best to copy your text into a plain text editor first, then copy it into the editor

Further troubleshooting

If you copy text into a headline, sometimes the external formatting can override the headline tag set in our editor.  This can lead to font sizing issues for your text.  To fix this, it is always best to copy to a plain text editor first, or re-type your headline manually in a new headline element

Updated on November 28, 2022

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