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The Membership Content Listing element is an element you can use to automatically display sub pages from your main course pages to show a list or grid of lessons. This can be used for any kind of pages where you have subpages.

NOTE: As of our updates released on April 28th, 2022 it is no longer necessary to “activate” this element through a legacy elements menu in OptimizePress as our engineers have refactored the code for this element to make it more efficient and faster loading, so activating is no longer necessary since the element will not cause any loading issues. As soon as you install OptimizePress and create page, this element can be added to the page. Just know that you must have some subpages (child pages) published in order for it to show anything.

Also, as of July 2023, if you are using OptimizeMentor then we would suggest using the Lesson & Module List element if you are building courses.

Prepare your pages to use the Membership Content List element:

Using the Membership Content List element:

Note: Only OP3 pages are listed in the dropdown and only published pages are visible in the element

Updated on October 5, 2023

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