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The Video Thumbnail Element will let you use an image and place a video play icon on top of it. This is great for getting opt-ins or maybe having a thumbnail to click on which will display a video popup element. 

Below is a video that walks you through how to use this element: 

Using the Video Thumbnail Element

The main reason we created this element is to have a good way to link to a page with a video, or show a video overlay. Our regular video player element already has thumbnail and play icon settings built in, so if you want the video to play on the same page you add it to, then don’t use this element and instead use the video player element for the best result. 

The Video Thumbnail element does not have video selection features. The overlay and links should be where your video is already setup before you add this element. 

Once you add the Video Thumbnail element to your page, you’ll want to choose an image or upload an image to use as the Thumbnail. 

You’ll see the image once you choose one. Then, on the next tab over in the element options you can choose to modify the Play Icon as well. You can choose to hide the icon if you want. You can also choose a different icon, change the icon size, as well as the color. 

The next part you want to make sure you set is the link option. You can choose to link to a URL, Link to Media File, Show a Popup Overlay, or Jump to an element. 

Link to URL

For the link URL you can enter any URL, and then choose whether it opens in a new tab, and whether search engines should “follow” the link.

Link to Media File

Linking to the media file doesn’t make much sense but we do have this option available for some use cases such as photography sites or linking directly to an MP4 video hosted on your site’s media library. The media file will need to be uploaded to your site’s Media Library, or you an choose to upload one. As with the link URL option, you can also choose if this opens in a new tab, and whether search engines should follow the link or not. 

Show Popup Overlay

The most popular option is to show a Popup Overlay with a video in it. If you have one, you can select it, otherwise you can click the “Create Video Overlay” or “Create Optin Overlay” – The optin overlay is useful if you want someone to optin to get the free video. 

Jump To Element

The Jump to Element option for the link action is helpful if you have a video further down the page that you want to automatically scroll the browser to when the Video Thumbnail is clicked. Click the “Select Target” option and choose an element on the page. The Link will update based on the element ID as you see in the screenshot below. You can also choose to enable the Smooth Scroll if you want, so instead of instantly jumping to the selected element, it will have a smooth scrolling feature.

Styling the Element

You can use the various toolbar settings to style this element just like you can with any other elements. You can edit the colors, borders, alignment, and other options. 

If you have any other questions about using the Video Thumbnail element please reach out to our support team and they’ll be happy to help.

Updated on October 5, 2023

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