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🎥 Using and Sharing Templates in the Personal Template Cloud

The Personal Template Cloud allows you to not only save and use your templates, but you can also share them.

Once you have saved your pages and sections in the Personal Template Cloud, you’ll need to know how to manage, use, and share those templates.

The following video will explain in detail how to do that: 

How to Use Your Saved Page Templates

To use a
Page Template, you can go to “Optimizepress3 > Create New Page” and then choose the “My Templates” category:

Once you choose a template, you would just create a page the same as you would any other templates in the template library. 

How to Use Your Saved Section Templates

To use a
Section Template, you’ll need to be in the OptimizeBuilder editing a page. Click on the Sections Icon:

Go to the “My Sections” category, and choose either light or dark and you’ll see your section templates. 
Note that when you save section templates you can choose to save them as a light or dark template.

You simply drag the section template over to where you want to insert the section on the page:

How to Share Your Templates:

You can now share your templates with a unique share link. From within the “My Templates” area of my.optimizepress.com you can click the yellow icon there to share the template via a special share link

Once you do that, then you would just need to copy the share link and share it with anyone you want.

When someone clicks on that link, they’ll be asked to sign into their OptimizePress account to accept the shared template.

They will also see the name of the template, a screenshot, as well as a link to view the full template. If you would like to see how this works, you may use the following link to
grab the Pricing Table Switcher template I created for this demo by clicking here. The link opens in a new window so you can continue with the rest of this guide. 

Share Templates And Earn Affiliate Commission

If you noticed the “Get OptimizePress Now” button on the template share page, you can add your affiliate ID to that

To add your affiliate ID, you would get that from our First Promotor service we use to track affiliates.

If you are not an affiliate you may signup through this link (opens in new window): 


Then, go to your profile in my.optimizepress.com

Then click “Edit Profile” button

Then enter your Affiliate ID and click save.

Now you should see that the link on the template sharing page should lead to your own affiliate link. 

Deleting Templates

If you would like to free up some space in the template cloud so you can add more of your own templates, you can do that from within the members hub at my.optimizepress.com by clicking “My Templates” and then simply deleting the templates by clicking the red garbage icon.

If you have any questions about anything in this guide, please reach out to our support team and they’ll be happy to guide you further. 

Updated on April 12, 2024

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