Why choose OptimizePress?

We know there are many choices when considering a page builder or marketing platform for your business.

OptimizePress is the only WordPress based platform that is specifically designed for marketers and creators.  

This means we focus on building features that help you create better websites for marketing your business, without expecting you to be a pro designer or technical genius.

Everything we build into OptimizePress is designed to make your life easier, and make every minute you spend building your sites give you the best results possible.

In particular, we focus on the following:

  • Conversion Optimized templates – all of our templates are optimized for conversions. This means we use conversion tested design principles to ensure that your pages are focused on getting a result – whether that’s a new subscriber on your list, or a sale of your product or service
  • Page load speed – The speed of your pages is a key factor both for your visitor experience, but also for search engine rankings.  Google and other search engines are now using page load speed as a ranking factor, meaning the faster your site loads, the better your search position.
  • Page Editing speed and ease of use – We spent 2 years developing and testing our editor to ensure it was both fast and easy to use.  We built the editor to be a fun visual experience which makes developing pages a delight, not a chore
  • Marketing Focused Features – When you’re building a site focused on your marketing goals, you often need specific features or elements to make life easier.  We’ve worked with industry leaders across many niches to ensure we have included core marketing features like opt-in forms (with direct integrations), evergreen countdown timers, progress bars and more. 

Overall, our aim here at OptimizePress is to make your life easier when you’re trying to build pages and sites that get results for your business.  We have a full time global team that are at your disposal if you need any help with any of our features, or just need help getting started

Updated on November 28, 2022

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