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How do OptimizePress affiliate payments work?


OptimizePress payments are paid out in line with our normal affiliate payment schedules.

This means we issue payments every month for qualifying affiliates – usually payouts are made on the 1st-3rd of the month depending on holidays and bank schedules.

NOTE: Commissions are only considered DUE (or ready for payment) once they are at least 30 days from their related sale date.  This means if you make a sale on 10th June, this would not be due for payout until 10th July (approx) and would therefore be paid out at the start of August (subject to other criteria below)

You will receive a payment if:

  • Your total in DUE commissions (see above) is over $100
  • Your totals in DUE commissions across any of our legacy affiliate systems (Infusionsoft and Thrivecart) as well as the current system based in FirstPromoter total a combined $100 or more
  • You must also have a valid Paypal address on file for us to issue payouts.

You can find the full terms and payment information on our affiliate program here:


In Summary:

  • OptimizePress affiliates are paid monthly (around the 1st-3rd of each month).
  • Payments are only sent out when commissions due reach $100 or more
  • Payments are only sent when orders have passed their 30 day guarantee period and are considered final
  • Payments are sent to the Paypal address you provided when you joined the program. If you need us to change this please let us know
Updated on November 28, 2022

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