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ActiveCampaign fields not showing available within optin form options

If you have created some custom fields in ActiveCampaign and do not see them available when you create an optin form in OptimizePress 3.0, this is due to a little glitch within ActiveCampaign which has been present in their API for several years. In this article, we’ll show you how to solve this problem.

First, we suggest creating a blank list in ActiveCampaign. This would be a list that you have no plans to ever use, and you could just name it something like “Blank Unused List” or another name of your choice to make it clear that list is just a placeholder. We’ll get to the “why” in just a minute.

Once you create that list, lets head over to “Forms” within ActiveCampaign

Then select “Manage Fields”

At this time, OptimizePress only accepts field type of “Text Input” – other field types can not be used

Now, scroll down to the field that you want to have available on your OptimizePress optin forms.
Click the pencil icon (edit icon) over to the right side of your screen when you hover over the form field that you want to edit. 

Once you are on the field edit screen, click “Show Advanced” on the bottom left: 

Now, uncheck the “all lists” box, and then check the box for each lists that you wish to have the field available for, leaving the box for the blank list that we created at the beginning of this guide unchecked. 

Then click the blue “Save” button to save the changes, and then repeat this process for each field that you need.

FINAL STEP: Clear all cache on your site and hosting

The final steps here will help you make sure that your site is not caching the previous options within the optin form wizard.

Login to your WordPress Dashboard, and then if you have any caching plugins, or caching on the hosting server, those will need to be purged (also do this if you have cloudflare caching enabled as that would need purged as well). 

Once your site caching is purged, then head over to “OptimizePress3 >> Settings >> Advanced” and click the link there to purge the OptimizePress cache: 

Now when you edit your forms you should see the fields and be able to use them.

If you still have any trouble please contact our team for further help.

Updated on November 28, 2022

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