How do I update my EU VAT / Tax number

If you are located in the EU, you can add your VAT/Tax number to be shown on your future invoices from OptimizePress.

Please note that we will validate your VAT/Tax number and can only remove Tax from invoices if you are located in an EU country excluding the UK (because we are UK based we are still required to charge Tax/VAT even if you are VAT registered)

Please note that updating your VAT number will not remove tax from previous invoices - we are only able to remove VAT/Tax from future invoices if a valid Tax/VAT Id is provided.

To update your VAT number / Tax number

1. Login to your account at (if you do not have a login for this site it's likely you have an OP2 account and will need to migrate your account - please contact our support team for more information on how to do this)

2. Click your name in the top right of the members hub, and you will see the Profile and accounts dropdown menu:

3. To update your Tax ID / Vat number (this is shown on your invoices), click "Profile" to view the profile information screen

4. On the "Your Profile" page, click the "Edit Profile" button to edit your profile information

5. On this screen you can now update any information shown on your invoices including:
Your address, country and company name and your Tax ID number / VAT Registration number.  We will validate the provided ID against the VIES Validation database here:

6. When you have finished editing your profile, click the blue "Update" button to update and save your changes.

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