Smart Theme v3 Optin Forms - Sidebar Widget Settings

This article will guide you on SmartTheme v3 Optin Form on widget settings.

Go to Appearance >> Theme Options >> Optin Forms >> Widgets

You'll see (3) options settings for your optin form widget on SmartTheme v3:

  • Form #1
  • Form #2
  • Form #3

Select the form you would want to setup and toggle "enable".

Setup your form settings.

  1. Integration - Select the integration you've define under Appearance >> Theme Options >> Optin Forms >> Integration Settings.
  2. Optin Style - choose from either "Light" or "Dark".
  3. Form Headline - customize the form headline.
  4. Form Subheadline - customize the form subheadline.
  5. Form Submit Button Text - customize the submit button text.
  6. Form Submit Button Text Colour - customize the submit button text colour.
  7. Form Submit Button Background Colour - setup the form submit button background colour.
  8. Form Submit Button Hover Background Colour - setup the form submit button hover background colour.
  9. Form Privacy Text - customize the form privacy text.
  10. Show Form in Lightbox/Popup Optin - setup here if you would want the form to be displayed in a popup optin or lightbox.

When you are done with the setup, go to Appearance >> Widgets

Locate the OptimizePress Optin Form widget. 

Drag or Dropdown select where you would want the OptimizePress Optin Form widget to be added (Sidebar, Footer). 

Choose the Form # you would want to use and "Saved".

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