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Smart Theme v3 Optin Forms – Integration Settings

This tutorial will show you how to configure the SmartTheme v3 Optin Forms integration settings. 

In case you haven’t connected any of the email marketing services yet, you may first check out this KB: Smart Theme v3 Optin Forms – Connect with service

Once you have connected your email marketing services, go to Appearance >> Theme Options >> Optin Forms >> Integration Settings to start setting up your optin forms integration. 

Here are the steps in setting up your SmartTheme v3 Optin Form integration:

1) Choose the integration number you would want to setup your optin settings first and click toggle (+) sign.

2) Setup your preferred settings on each fields.

  • Integration Name – This will be your Optin Integration label. Only you will see this name.
  • Integration Type – Integrated Email Marketing Services will be shown at the dropdown option. 
  • Integration List – This will appear if you’ve chosen an integration type with list or forms configured.
  • Success Message – This message will be shown after a successful optin.
  • Thank You Page URL- Setup a Thank You Page URL in this field. Note: If this is set, success message will be ignored and user will be redirected to the URL set up as a Thank You Page.
  • Disable Name – You can disable the name field option here so that the email field will only be displayed. By default, this is set to “NO“.
  • Name – Set up the Name Field. You may use the customize field you have setup at your email marketing provider (if any).
  • Order Field – Setup the order in which the name and email fields will be shown on your optin form. By default, the Name field comes first and the Email field comes second.
  • Name Required – You can set it to Yes or No. By default, it is set to “NO“.
  • Enable GDPR Checkboxes –  Set if you preferred GDPR checkboxes to be shown or not. By default, it is set to “NO“.
  • Integrate with OptimizeMember – You may enable OptimizeMember integration here.
  • Membership Level –  Choose the membership level you would want subscribers to be added into.
  • Packages – Set up packages/custom capabilities (if any).

NOTE: By default, you’ll see (3) number of integrations you can setup, but it is possible to add up to (7) number of integrations using the slider bar located at the upper area of the Integration Settings option.

You are now ready to enable your SmartTheme Optin Forms on possible locations. See this KB for details. 

Updated on November 28, 2022

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