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This article will cover the homepage hero section and all the elements within it. Just a reminder, the section shown at the top of the blog homepage is the homepage hero section. Now, let’s begin –

1. Kindly log in to your admin area in WordPress. Then go to the sidebar panel >> Appearance >> Theme Options >> Blog >> Homepage Hero.

2. Toggle OFF the homepage hero if you don’t want to show this section in your blog homepage.

3. On the Hero Layout, you have three (3) different options – the default Featured Post, Video, and the customized or Standard / Header Title. There are several settings within each option.


4.  First, if you enable the Featured Post, you can decide which feature post or what type of post you want to show. It can be the most recent post or most recent post with particular category or specific tag or sticky post.

5. Here are some settings right below the featured post –

a. There is also a Post Excerpt right below the Featured Post section. You can toggle to hide or show this.

b. You can also customize the button style. By default, this shows the solid color. You can select the other one if you want to have a more transparent look of the button.

c. Go to the Button Text section to customize the text you want to show on the button. We recommend to use text that would entice your visitors to see the post or click the button.

d. To change the button text colour, just go to the Button Text Colour section. The Button Background Colour and Button Hover Background Colour sections is right below the text colour and this will show if you have select the solid color button in Button Style.

e. The Hero Text Colour section allows you to set the colour of some text in your hero section.

***To set the typography of the title, description and button, just go to the sections as indicated in f, g, h in the screenshot below.

Note: All of the sections mentioned in #5 except the Post Excerpt section are available to all the 3 options in Hero Layout section – Featured Post, Video, and the customized or Standard / Header Title.

6. If you want to customize the hero background, go to Hero Background Behaviour and click the Custom button. You can set the background colour or the background image in this section as well as the hero overlay colour.

Standard / Header Title

7. Now let’s go to Standard / Header Title option. Add your text in the Title and Subtitle sections.

8. You’ll notice most settings are just the same – button style, button text, button text colour, hero background, etc. The new section here is the Button Link which allows you to set a link for the button in the homepage hero section.


9. For the Video option, go to the Video Embed Code to add your video. You can also customize the Title, Subtitle, and video alignment. 

***All other options mentioned above such as the button style, button link, button text colour, hero background, etc are also available right below the Video align section.

Extra Tip: Please note you can always reset a section within the SmartTheme if you want to reset the setting to default. Just click the “Reset Section” button to do that. However if you want to reset all settings to default, click the “Reset All” instead.

Hopefully this article helps you understand the SmartTheme v3 Homepage Hero section. If you have questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Updated on November 28, 2022

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