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Smart Theme v3 General & Homepage Layout

To customize the General & Homepage Layout of SmartTheme v3, click Appearance on the left side bar of the admin area, click the Theme Options and then go to Blog settings. 

Metadata Options – By default all the options ( Date, Author, Categories & Tags) are checked. It will show these elements across your blog including blog posts and archive page. Untick the boxes if you do not want the elements to appear on your blog.

Please note that this option does not include the Author which is showing at the bottom of your specific blog post.

Use Jetpack Infinite Scroll – This option needs Jetpack plugin installed and activated to work. This is for those who have a lot of blog posts. It will automatically populate blog posts as you scroll it down to the bottom. 

Hide Blog Comments – By default is set to no.Tick yes if you like to hide comments on your Blog. 

Homepage Layout –  By default is set to List post layout. You can easily switch it to Grid post layout if you prefer this one.  

Homepage Sidebar– You can choose whether you would like the sidebar to appear at the left, right or just disable it. 

Choose Homepage Content – By default this is set to Latest post. But can select a certain category or tag to display to on Homepage.

Updated on November 28, 2022

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