Time Delayed Elements

In OptimizePress version 2, we have a feature where you can delay elements such as buttons, or other elements from showing until a certain amount of time after the page loads. We are adding this option into version 3, however until that happens, you may use the following workaround.

1. Download this plugin, install it, and activate it:

2. Open the OptimizeBuilder for the page that has elements you want to delay. Then, click on the element that you want to delay and go to Advanced Options

3. Go to Advanced Tab and use those shortcodes:

Code Before Element:
[timed-content-client show="00:10"]
*00:10 means that the element will appear after 10 sec - you can of course change it.
Code After Element:
Just like you see here: 

4) Then, just click out of the advanced options so you can save the page.

That's all that is required. Enjoy! :-)

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