Zapier Integration

Zapier is an automation service which automatically checks if data is received for any trigger apps you have selected. With well over a thousand different apps to choose from, you can now use OptimizePress 3.0 opt-in forms to send data to Zapier and into any app that is able to accept that data.

What does Zapier have to do with OptimizePress and how can I use this?

The most powerful feature of OptimizePress is the opt-in form element which you can use to collect leads, and then add those leads into your Email Marketing Service automation or CRM that we already integrate with. 

You can also set the opt-in form element to integrate with Zapier so you can send the form data to over 1000+ apps that are already available on Zapier.

Zapier Integration is available starting with OptimizePress 3 version 1.0.9

What can I use this integration for?

  • Send contact data to an Email Marketing Service (EMS) that we do not yet integrate with (so long as they have a Zapier app)
  • Add contacts to a Google Sheet, Trello card… the possibilities are endless
  • Add contacts info to anything else you can connect to in Zapier

Connecting Zapier to your OptimizePress Opt-in Forms

The process of connecting OptimizePress Opt-in forms to Zapier is a bit more complicated than our normal integrations which we already have built within OptimizePress. You should have a
basic understanding of Zapier first before attempting to set this up. This process includes setting up a “Trigger” app in Zapier to pull in the data that our forms generate after they are submitted, and then selecting another app in Zapier to send that data to.

In the following steps, we’ll show you the steps for setting up a trigger app and then selecting another app to send the data to. In this example, we’ll be sending the data to a Google Sheet, but you can use the same process for any other apps available in Zapier which are able to accept the data.

  • In Part 1, we’ll show you how to setup the Trigger app in Zapier.
  • In Part 2, we’ll show you how to setup your opt-in form to work with Zapier
  • In Part 3, we’ll show you how to test the trigger step and finish the zap setup.

Part 1 – Setting up the Trigger app in Zapier

1) Login or
create an account in Zapier

2) Click on the “Make A Zap” button at the very top of the screen 

3) Choose an App. Type in “Webhooks” and select the “Webhooks by Zapier” app:

4) Select “Catch Hook” and click the “Save + Continue” button

5) Copy the webhook URL that Zapier provides

6) Now, without doing anything else, we’ll go into OptimizePress and setup the integration (we’ll come back to Zapier in a minute so
do not close the screen that you have Zapier open on). 

Part 2 – Adding Zapier webhook URL to OptimizePress opt-in form

1) Login to your site and open the OptimizeBuilder for the page where you have already created your opt-in form (or create one now). 

2) Edit the form and choose the option to edit the integration options:

3) Select “Zapier” and click the green “Next Step” button:

4) Enter the webhook URL provided by Zapier, then click “next step” button:

5) Select the form fields you would like to use and click the “next step” button

6) Setup your GDPR options & click the “next step” button again

You may use
our guide for GDPR options if you need them (link opens in new tab)

7) Select your post action as usual, and then click the “next step” button once more

8) Review the information and click the close button

9) Make any other edits you need with your form/page and then save/exit the editor. View the page you just edited the form with and keep it open, following part 3 of this guide below.

Part 3 – Testing Webhooks by Zapier with the opt-in form, & setup 

1) Go back to the screen we had open from Part 1 and click the “OK I did this” button.

2) Immediately after you click “Ok I did this button” send a test opt-in through your opt-in form then come back to this screen in zapier:

If the test was successful you should see something like this

Click the “Continue” button

3) Zapier will now ask you to select an action step

NOTE: Once you select the app that you want to use, you’ll need to choose how the data from your opt-in form will be used. As there are many apps to choose from, we will not show all the steps on how to connect with any specific app, however we will show you how to setup the template which should be very similar in any app that you choose to connect with in Zapier.

In this example, I have setup a google sheet.

4) Editing the template of your action step app, click the icon to the right of the fields you want to use, and select the data from the webhook to add into the template. This will let zapier know what data from your opt-in form should be used in your action step

5) When you have completed filling out the form in the previous step, click the “Continue” button and then test the action step to see if Zapier can successfully add data to your app.

If the test was successful you may name the zap and turn it on. Now, everytime someone fills your opt-in form you’ll get their data sent to the app that you setup. We suggest testing a few more times by using your opt-in form to ensure there are no issues.

This concludes our guide on setting up Zapier with OptimizePress. If you need further help please contact our support team.

We look forward to seeing how the OptimizePress community uses this Zapier App.

Updated on November 28, 2022

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