OP2 to OP3 Migration – Common Questions

We’ve compiled this page to summarise answers to the most common questions we have received regarding the migration of an account from OP2 to OP3.

Common Questions 

What is OP3/OptimizeBuilder and how does it affect me?

2 years ago, we began planning the next phase in the evolution of the OptimizePress platform. 

This will take the form of a brand new product suite, starting with our OptimizeBuilder. This is a brand new page building platform for WordPress which brings next-level inline editing and flexibility to your pages created in WordPress.  We’ve also built the platform to optimize your pages as much as possible on the frontend – giving you better Google rankings and visitor experience.

If you are an existing OptimizePress customer (using our 2.0 platform) this is essentially a brand new product for you.  You can use it alongside OP2 pages and benefit from our new template library, editor flexibility and many other benefits of the new builder.  Pages you build with OP3 should be faster, look cleaner and perform better in load speed tests.  

You can still use OP2 on your websites – and if you migrate your account and maintain an active license you will continue to receive OP2 security and compatibility updates (for your existing sites).  You’ll also then benefit from support, updates and feature releases for the new OP3 builder as we release them.

Can I run OP2 and OP3 on the same site?

Yes – absolutely.  We recognise that a lot of our customers have built substantial sites with OP2 and the LiveEditor, and so we’ve ensured that you can run the new OptimizeBuilder (3.0) on your existing OP2 sites.  Bear in mind that you cannot edit older pages with the new editor, but you can certainly start building pages with the new editor on the same site without any issues.

Your OptimizePress 2.0 pages will continue to run as normal with OP3 on your site after migration.  We highly recommend gradually rebuilding your pages to benefit from the flexibility of OP3 and new templates available, but we will continue to provide support and updates for OP2 for as long as possible (to active license holders)

Will I have to redo my OP2 website?

The OptimizeBuilder (3.0) is our brand new Page builder plugin for WordPress. It has been completely from the ground up to include brand new features, super-fast inline editing, and completely visual experience.  We’ve taken everything we’ve learned from OP2 and gathered feedback from thousands of customers to create the ultimate new page building tool for marketers and entrepreneurs.

Because our new Builder has been completely re-engineered – this means it wasn’t possible to make it able to edit pages built with OP2.  These are built with a completely different framework, and including any kind of backwards compatibility would have meant including code that would bloat the speed and performance of your new OP3 built pages.  

We wanted to create something as fast, easy to use and lightweight as possible, and we believe we have acheived this with the new Builder. We realise many of you have existing pages with OP2 and we respect you won’t rebuild your pages overnight – but OP2 and OP3 work well on the same site so you can gradually remake your pages (if you wish)

We also plan to continue to support OP2 in terms of compatibility and security updates for as long as possible, so your OP2 sites will not stop working (active license holders will receive continued updates for OP2 as well as OP3).

Where do I find my keys for OP3 once I have migrated?

We use a brand new licensing system for OP3 which means you authorise your sites through our server after installation.  You do not have actual license keys – instead you will be asked to login to our licensing system when you first setup your site.  This means you just need to save your OptimizePress 3.0 logins and these will allow you to license sites up to your account license limit.

Your OP2 license keys can still be found inside the OP2 members hub at
https://members.optimizepress.com under the licensing page – and these remain unaffected by your migration as long as you maintain an active license.

Updated on November 28, 2022

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