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Why we do not offer a lifetime license for OptimizePress

We have been asked on several occasions why OptimizePress doesn’t offer a lifetime license for any of its products. We will do our best to explain our reasoning behind this.

Here at OptimizePress we place a high value on being able to provide the easiest to use #1 suite of WordPress marketing tools to help entrepreneurs such as yourself become successful in their online businesses. We strive to provide a premium support experience and provide feature updates which improve OptimizePress regularly. 

In order to provide such a high standard of service to all of our loyal customers, it means that we also have a growing team of professionals with many years experience building and supporting the tools that you love and need. We frequently release updates which include new features, bug fixes, as well as ongoing WordPress compatibility. 

This level of service and business model cannot be sustained without a subscription based license renewal. If we were to offer a lifetime license, it would mean that in a few short years, we wouldn’t be able to provide the same high standards, the best quality new features, or the same premium support from our team that we offer you now.

Offering a lifetime license actually goes against our core values and would work against everyone’s interests. While it would obviously mean that everyone would pay less in the long run, it would mean OptimizePress would be less sustainable in the future. 

Our team is committed to providing you with the absolute best feature updates, improvements, and highest quality support in the industry.

Your investment in OptimizePress on a yearly basis will ensure that we’ll be 100% dedicated to your upmost satisfaction for many years to come. It will mean that we’ll be able to continue innovating and providing high quality premium features, as well as the exceptional support which you have come to enjoy and expect from our highly talented team.

To your success,

The OptimizePress Team

Updated on November 28, 2022

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