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🎥 How to add header footer from your theme to OP3 pages

This article will guide you on how to use the available OP3 templates (Page Attributes) on a page. Currently there are 3 options offered:

  • Default Template – This will default to your current theme, but you’ll be able to edit the content with OP3. This is the default that will be used on your pages or posts when going to “pages > add new” or “posts > add new” – you may change this by following instructions below.
  • OP3 Blank Template – This will use only OP3 builder layouts and will not conform to any theme. This is the default when going under “OptimizePress3 > create new page” and selecting either the blank page or other page templates. This may be changed to one of the other templates from the normal “edit” screen for any post or page if you would like to use some design components from your active WordPress Theme (such as header and footer).
  • OP3 Full Width Template – This will use the header and footer of your theme, however everything in between will only use the OP3 builder layouts and will not include any sidebar from your theme. To use theme’s sidebar you’ll need to switch to the Default Template. Currently this is not a default settings when creating any pages and will have to be selected using the options explained below.

To change the template being used, please follow these instructions:

1) Go to Pages >> All Pages and select the page you would want to edit into the template.

2) Click the ‘Edit’ link.

3) You will be taken to the edit option of the page.

4) If you do not see “page attributes” then you can turn them on by going to ‘Screen Options’ found at the upper right-side of the screen to enable Page Attributes by checking the check box.

5) At the Page Attributes section, you will be presented with (3) templates: Default Template, OP3 – Blank Template, OP3 – Full Width Template. Choose from either the OP3 – Blank Template or the OP3 – Full Width Template.

6) Hit ‘ Update‘ button to save the setting.

Note: You should also be able to do the same on posts. Go to Posts >> All Posts to select the post page you would want to edit into the template.

Updated on November 28, 2022

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