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In this article, you learn how to add and customize your social icons element on your page:

Adding a Social Icons Element

1. Click Elements at the topmost left corner of your PageBuilder.

2. Under the General Elements, look for the Social Icons. Click on it and drag it to the editor.

3. You now have a social icons elements on your page. Well done!


Adding Platforms
If you wish to add more social media accounts or perhaps add more platforms, click any of the icons and then press the + on the menu setting.

Changing the Icon
You can change the icon by clicking the ☆ (star) and then selecting a new icon from the Icon dropdown menu.

Changing the Color of the Icon
Click the paint tool and then select your preferred color to custom modify the color of your current icon.

Changing the color and styling of a specific icon
Deactivate the default styling lock of your social icon elements by click the lock key at the menu setting. Then, go back to the color setting and select the color of your choice.

Adding in your URL (Hyperlinking)
Click the link tool on the menu setting. Then, paste in or type in your link. 

If you wish to open the link in a new window or just reload the page, configure the Link Target setting.
Hover effect
You can also change the hover over effect of your social icons. Look for the hand or click tool and press it. Then, select your color.

Moving / Reordering the Icon
Select any of your icons by clicking on it. Then, press the move tool on the menu settings and start dragging your icon to re-order it.

Updated on October 5, 2023

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