Does OP3 have the Plus Pack and Membership Plugins?

Currently (as of May 10th, 2019) the initial release of OptimizePress 3.0 to our loyal (and highly appreciated) club members does not have plus pack features or a membership plugin. Here are some things to consider as this is still an early pre-launch release of OP3:

  • You can use the membership plugin from OP2 and still protect your pages.
  • We will have new membership features built into OP3 in the coming weeks/months
  • PlusPack features such as what was included with OP2 are on the roadmap for OP3. These may not come in the form of a new plugin, but will most likely be added directly into the OP3 builder plugin but will be unlocked only with specific package for OP3 (such as the OP3 Suite plan). 
  • Features such as OptimizeExperiments, OptimizeUrgency, and other OP2 plus pack plugins will also make it into OP3. We ask for patience on this. It took us nearly 5 years of development to get all of that into OP2. Since OP3 is a totally new platform, it will take some time to add all of these features (as these are priority, we hope to have all of these features in OP3 in the coming months, and not years). 
  • We can not guarantee timescales for when any of these new features are coming, but just know they are planned, and are already in different phases of development.
  • We also have a much larger development team now than we did in the early years of OP2. This means we can develop new features faster without sacrificing quality.

If you have any questions please reach out to our support team. Please understand that our support team can not guarantee release dates for any features that are in development.

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