Can I use OP2 with the Smart Theme V3

You may use the SmartTheme V3 with OP2, but just know the SmartTheme V3 email optin forms will only work and pull integration data from the OP3 Dashboard plugin. So, you'll also need to have OP3 installed and activated as well if you would like to use the optin forms within the SmartTheme V3

We recommend using:
OP2 with SmartTheme
OP3 with SmartTheme V3

Of course you can use any combination you want between OP2, OP3, and both SmartThemes - it really comes down to where you want the email integrations to come from for the opt-in form.

A scenario where you would be using an integration in OP2 that is not yet available in OP3, you could keep OP2 and the original SmartTheme while using OP3 for other pages.

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