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When should I disable and uninstall OP2?

You may be wondering at what point should you disable and uninstall OptimizePress 2.

Here are some scenarios to check first and decide when to disable OP2:

  1. If you are using the SmartTheme with Optin Form integrations DO NOT disable OP2 as the Optin Form integrations will be lost. We recommend setting up the SmartTheme V3 and creating the Optin Form integrations again.
  2. If you have rebuilt your OP2 pages or you no longer use the OP2 pages.
  3. You don’t use the SmartTheme with Optin Form integrations
  4. Remember OP2 & OP3 can run alongside each so you might not need to disable OP2 immediately.
  5. If you are using OptimizeMember, you’ll need to keep the OP2 plugin active on your site or OptimizeMember will not work. The license key for OP2 is what is keeping your OptimizeMember active, and also allows you to get updates when they are available. 
  6. If you are using OptimizePress 2 elements within your blog, you’ll want to keep the OP2 plugin activated until you either replace those or re-do the blog article within the OP3 page builder. Currently, elements in the OP3 page builder do not support being added to the blog without using the OP3 Page Builder entirely, however in the future we may include a way to do this. OP3 is new so we are still adding features. We’ll update this article when new features for this are available. Keeping OP2 active on your site will not cause any issues.
Updated on November 28, 2022

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