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How do I enter my Tax ID or VAT number at checkout

If you are purchasing OptimizePress from a country in the EU (European Union) and have a valid business Tax ID, you can enter this at our checkout and we will validate this and remove VAT/Tax charges where relevant as per the reverse-charge sale method.

Note: This does not apply to UK VAT numbers which are no longer valid as UK as not part of the EU. For UK businesses purchasing you should submit the VAT invoice we issue to your accountant against your other tax charges (speak to an accounting/tax expert for more information).

How to add your tax id (Paying by credit card):

Navigate through our checkout process as normal, until you reach the “Enter your payment information” screen. Click the “Add VAT Number” on this screen:

On the next screen, you’ll need to complete the fields provided for country, tax ID and company name. Your address should already be prefilled from a previous step:

  1. Select your country from the dropdown. This must match the country that issued your VAT/Tax ID
  2. Enter your Tax ID/VAT Number. This must include the country code at the start and have no spaces before or after the number e.g. ATUXXXXXXXX
  3. Enter your company name that matches your Tax ID

Once you have completed all the steps and ensured all information on the Company VAT details is complete, you can click “Continue”

If you entered a correct EU tax ID that was validated and matched other information provided, our checkout system will remove the Tax from your checkout – you’ll see $0 on the VAT charge column in the summary:

If you do not see the Tax removed, please try restarting the checkout or check the information provided matches the details on your Tax ID. If your Tax id is not from the EU or is no longer valid, our system will not remove tax.

Please note we are unable to remove tax charged after a purchase has been completed.

Updated on November 28, 2022

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