🎥 Using Layouts in OptimizeBuilder

The new OptimizePress 3 utilizes 3 different layout parts. 

Sections, Rows, and Columns.

Sections are separate parts of a page that share the same area. You can insert multiple rows within a section, set backgrounds for these sections, among other things. 

Rows are where your actual elements/content will be placed. You can have rows within rows, and columns as well.

Columns are the vertical areas that you can use to put elements that occupy a specific part of a row, and you can have just about as many as you want. You can add or remove columns (and even duplicate them). 

The following video will show you how these work. This is a very important feature of OptimizePress 3.0 and understanding this will help you better understand how to design that perfect page layout…

1 To add a section on your page, click on “ADD NEW SECTION” and you’ll be presented different column layouts.

2 Click on the specific column layout to insert it on your page. 

To adjust the column width, click the dotted lines between the column.

You can also use the sidebar to adjust your section, row or column. Just click on the little arrow on the left to expand or close the sidebar.

Click on the specific section, row or column to show the toolbar.

You can also click on the toolbar on the upper left to edit particular section, row or column. 

You can add rows or columns within a section

You can also clone a section, row or column

Updated on November 28, 2022

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