Row Advanced Tab – Positioning

In this guide you will learn how to custom modify the margin, padding, alignment, width, minimum height and alignment of your row.

1. Edit your page through the OP3 PageBuilder

2. Hover over and click the specific row. The section setting panel will then appear.

3. Look for the COGWHEEL or GEAR tool. It is the last item of the panel.

4. Click the Advanced Options.

5. Click on the Positioning panel.

For margins and padding, click on the default margin and type over your preferred margin or padding. Alternatively, just drag the tiny square to increase or decrease the padding or margin of the row.

For the row alignment, click on any of the three position boxes. The first box is for left alignment, the middle is for center alignment and the last box is for the right alignment.

For the width and height, move the toggle bar to increase or decrease the height or width.

For the content alignment, select from the four boxes. The first box is the default – meaning no alignment. The first box means top, the second box means middle and third box means bottom.

6. When you are done, save your work.

Updated on November 28, 2022

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