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OptimizePress 3.0 includes a feature we call “Pop Overlays” which can be used to add any content to an overlay light-box screen. As the most common way to use this would be to add an opt-in form, the default design when you add a new pop overlay to your page is an opt-in form, however you may remove that and add anything else you want.

How to use Pop Overlays

In April 2021 we added a lot of pop overlay preset designs that you can use in the overlay elements. 

To create a Pop Overlays in your OptimizeBuilder page, please follow the steps below –

1. Go to the OptimizeBuilder page >>  click the
Pop Overlay >> Create New Overlay.

2. A Pop Overlay will then show up in the screen. Go to left hand side of the screen to access the Pop Overlay settings. In the Popup General tab, you can set the
Name, Top Margin, Overlay Colour, and Background Colour.

3. Go to the
Delay & Animation tab if you want to set an animation effect. Just select the effect you want to in the animation section.

4. Toggle “Yes” to be able to use the delay timer – enter the seconds or minutes in the box.

5. You may also set a
background image for your pop overlay. To do that, just go to Background tab >> Set Image.

6. To set the borders, just go to the
Popup Borders & Corners.

7. Go to the
Popup Shadow tab if you want to set a shadow in your pop overlay- the settings allow you to control the distance,angle and colour of the shadow.

Please also note you can further customize the design and look of your Pop Overlay by editing the text, button, etc. Just click directly the elements inside the overlay such as the headline, text, optin form, and button.

Triggering the Pop Overlay with Button or Image elements:

You may also trigger an overlay using elements which include the option to add a URL to link the item to something. Simply select “Show Popup Overlay” and then select which overlay to use (you can create multiple overlays per page). 

For the button element, see below how to select the popup overlay:

For the Image element, see below how to select the popup overlay for the link:

Triggering the Overlay with Exit Intent feature

The Exit Intent feature allows you to display an overlay to visitors who move their mouse outside the main browser window (usually to click back or to go to the address bar). This is a great way to make an offer to someone who is about to navigate away from your page. You can make special optin offers or if it is a checkout page, maybe a “Hey wait! Do you want to save 10%?” coupon if they give you their email address. 

To turn the Exit intent feature on, simply open the overlay for editing (within the OP Builder on the page you have created the overlay). 

Then just click on the “Delay & Animation” option and under “Trigger Event” you can select Exit Intent.

Once you click on “Exit Intent” you can choose whether this will show on devices other than desktop, and how often the overlay is shown. We suggest setting to once per day to avoid your site visitors from getting annoyed if they are just switching between tabs and then end up seeing the overlay a dozen times in a few minutes. 

Note that it is not possible to detect exit intent on some devices so the overlay would be shown after a set time instead of an exit intent.


Overlays are a great way to get attention and put your offers directly in front of someone who is viewing your page. You can use these for videos, optin forms, checkout forms, and actually any other content as overlays can use our full range of elements (although we do suggest to avoid large amounts of content which might be better served through a toggle or tabs element). 

If you need help with any OptimizePress features please reach out to our support team and we’ll be happy to help.

Updated on October 5, 2023

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