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🎥 How to use the GDPR features within Opt-in Form Elements

OptimizePress Optin form elements include Form Consent features for GDPR which will use either Custom Fields or Tags (depending on which email marketing service you are integrating with as not all use tags for these). If you are familiar with how OptimizePress 2 or OptiimzeLeads GDPR features work, it is very similar in OptimizePress 3.0.

Our GDPR integrations are setup to also store the button text, as well as the consent checkbox text(s) within your contact’s record in your email marketing service. Each integration stores this data differently, but you should see it in the contact record.

This is a general or basic guide on how to access and enable the GDPR features within Opt – in form elements. We may include more detailed guides for specific integrations at a later time.

1. You can access the GDPR settings when you configure the integration settings of your opt-in form element. Just go to the
Integration Options and click the Edit Integration button.

2. Once you have already set the I
ntegration, List/Tag and Form Fields you are going to use for your opt-in form, the next step is the GDPR settings. In this section, you can select either to turned GPDR Off, show to EU visitors only or show this to all visitor. Just click the option of your choice – here as an example, this is set to show the GDPR to all visitors.

3. After that,
toggle ON the Consent feature. 

4. Then select the
confirmed and declined tag for your GDPR (just right beside the consent buttons)

Please note that the Consent 1 and Consent 2 text, as well as the button text on the optin forms will be saved in a “notes” field or tag on your email autoresponder service. After you test the optin form, you should see that data in your contact record within your email autoresponder (or CRM) service. Some integrations may ask for a “notes” field or tag but some services will allow us to automatically populate this through the API anyways so it is not always necessary to setup those fields or tags yourself. 

We do that in order to help with compliance for GDPR as you must store the information regarding what text was used for the consent checkboxes and submit button which helps to prove that actual consent for the specific offer was actually given. 

If you have any questions about these features please do get in touch with our team and we’ll be happy to help

Updated on October 5, 2023

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