🎥 SoundCloud Element

You can use the SoundCloud element to insert audio or soundcloud files to your page. 

Here are the steps in using the SoundCloud element:

1) Open your page through OP3 page builder.

2) Use the ( +) add elements icon to display the available elements you can use. 

3) Scroll down and look for the " SoundCloud" element. 

4) Drag the element to where you would want it to be.

5) Setup the element as preferred.

Available Editing Options:

-Layout: Choose between Larger or Smaller layout

-URL: Insert the SoundCloud link at this field.

-Autoplay: Toggle 'ON' or 'OFF' if you would want to set autoplay for the audio.

-Width: Adjust width of the element through this feature.

-Height: Adjust height of the element through this feature.

6) Don't forget to save changes once done.

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