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Adding and using the Bullet Block element to your OptimizePress Builder page is simple and easy. Here’s how to use the Bullet Block element –

1. Drag and drop the bullet block element to the OptimizePress Builder page. To edit the bullet text, just click the default text, remove it and type your text.

If you will highlight the text (or double click the bullet list), several options will show up. The
Text (T) icon will allow you to set the text to bold, italic, underline or line through. Go to the Link icon if you want to add a link to your bullet text or trigger a popup overlay, and the Unlink icon to remove the link. To change the color of the text (or of a specific text), click the Text Color (A) icon.

2. Access the
Bullet Block settings by clicking the element itself in the page or just go to the upper corner of the page and click Bullet Block right after Column.

In the Bullet Block settings, you can add more bullet list/item by clicking the add
(+) button, then just click the alignment options and bullet list spacing icons to set the alignment (left, center, right) / width and spacing between the bullet items (as shown in the screenshot above.

3. For more customization, you can do that in the
Bullet List settings which is accessible by clicking any of the bullet lists. Ensure to enable the Styling Lock and Override icon if you want your customization to apply to all of your bullet lists.

To change the icon image, click the icon pointed in the screenshot below. Several icons are available to choose from, just click drop down selector. If you want to change the bullet list sizing, icon size and icon spacing, just drag size selector or add the size number in the box provided.

Click the
text (T) icon to change the font family, weight, size and style. For the color, click the color picker icon to access the text color, icon color and background color settings.

There is also an option to add a link to your bullet list or popup overlay (like what has been mentioned in #1), just click the
Link icon for this. Right after the link icon is the Hover State, this allows you to set the hover color of your bullet text and icon.

That’s it! 

Updated on October 5, 2023

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