🎥 Rating Element

Follow the steps below to use the Rating Element –

1. Go to plus (+) Element section, and just drag the Rating element to the column you want it to show.

2. To change the icon and customize the size of the of the rating element, click the heart icon to access the rating settings. You can also adjust there the count and rate (by default it is set to show 5 stars and 2.5. rate) 

3. Click the colour picker icon to change the color of the rating element. Just switch the Fill tab (positive rating icon) and Empty tab (no rating icon) to set the colour.

4. You can also add a stroke or border to the rating icons. To do that, just click the stroke icon and customize it to your preference – set the stroke width to thin, normal or thick and choose the color.

5. Click the Alignment Options icon to change the alignment to either right, center or left –  this is set to center by default.

6. To access the Advance settings of the rating element, click the cog gear icon (right after the delete icon) and go to the Advance Options button.

There are three sections in the Advance Options of the rating element – positioning, responsive, and advanced. To set the margin and padding of the element, just go to the Positioning tab. The Responsive section allows you to set the element visible or not visible on desktop, tablet, or mobile. Lastly, you can add CSS in the Advance tab.

Updated on October 5, 2023

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