🎥 How to use the Icon Element

The Icon element will help you add some neat icons to your page to help showcase your content. There are a lot of other elements that use icons such as feature blocks, bullet blocks, buttons, optin form fields, icon with text, FAQ, content Toggles, and several others. In most cases, you can edit the icon(s) in those elements by clicking on the icon and then changing the element through the element toolbar settings. 

The below video will walk you through how to use the Icon element:

1. Click Add Elements

2. Drag and drop Icon Element

3. Click the star icon to choose your preferred Icon. You can also type on the search box the icon that you would like to use. 

4. Change icon color, alignment and hover state

5. Change  Icon and border background color

6. Change Border Style

Updated on October 5, 2023

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